Remote Desktop Manager Features and Highlights.

  • Remote Connection Types
    Remote Connection Types

    Remote Desktop Manager integrates many tools and protocols like:

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Microsoft Remote Assistance
    • pcAnywhere
    • TeamViewer
    • Radmin
    • VNC
    • Dameware
    • Putty (SSH, Telnet, rLogin...)
    • HP RGS
    • Logmein
    • Citrix (ICA / HDX)
    • ...

    Even more solutions can be added as add-ons.

  • Credential Repository
    Credential Repository

    Remote Desktop Manager simplifies connection management by allowing automatic login for various types of sessions, including:

    • Remote Desktop (RDP)
    • Terminal Services
    • Citrix (ICA / HDX)
    • LogMeIn
    • Web site (IE and embedded Firefox)
    • Putty
    • TeamViewer
    • Ftp
    • HP RGS
    • VNC
    • VPN
    • Dameware Mini Remote

    You can also save credentials locally in the database, or in an external application (e.g. LastPass, KeePass, etc.).

    Further, to help you establish a secure login, these parameters may be limited or completely hidden from your employees, who will be able to access the machine without compromising security.

  • Built-in Connection Types
    Built-in Connection Types
    • Built-in SSH tunnel / Telnet / SSH Shell / FTP / SFTP
    • Integrated Internet Explorer
    • Native embedded UltraVNC
  • VPN Connection Management
    VPN Connection Management

    Remote Desktop Manager natively supports multiple VPN types, such as: Microsoft VPN, Cisco VPN, SonicWall VPN and TheGreenBow VPN.

    And as a free add-on, we also provide an extensive list of VPNs, such as: OpenVPN, Shrewsoft VPN, and many other VPN compatible with IPSec. These can be downloaded and installed within a few seconds.

    Plus, VPN, SSL/SSH tunnels can be automatically opened before establishing a remote connection, and the configurations can be re-used between different sessions, and shared by users.

  • Quick Connect
    Quick Connect

    Use the quick connect feature to quickly access a remote machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC or a web page. Simply enter a host name or IP address.

    You can even create your own custom template to use any other sessions type.

  • Import Sessions from Other Applications
    Import Sessions from Other Applications

    Remote Desktop Manager lets you easily import sessions from any other remote connection management tool that you use. A number of tools are supported by default, plus you can install one of our many free add-ons for addition support.

    Supported applications include:

    • Boztech VNCScan
    • Filezilla (via add-on)
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager
    • mRemote
    • Terminals
    • ASG Remote Desktop
    • Keepass
    • WinSCP (via add-on)

    If possible, the application tries to keep the maximum amount of data, including the password (when it can be extracted from the original configuration).

  • Password Manager
    Password Manager

    Our application integrates an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to protect your local files and your sensitive data in the database. A mix of our own private key and a master password (passphrase) is used to create a strong encryption key (256-bit key).

    This cipher is regarded as being very secure. AES/Rijndael became effective as a U.S. Federal government standard and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.

  • Integrate with Many Existing Password Managers
    Integrate with Many Existing Password Managers

    Users who store their usernames and passwords in another tool can take advantage of the Remote Desktop Manager’s integrated password management functionality.

    Supported applications:
    • 1Password
    • FireFox and Chrome built-in password manager
    • KeePass
    • LastPass
    • Password Vault Manager
    • Password Safe
    • Passwordstate (ClickStudio)
    • Pleasant Password Server
    • Secret Server (Thycotic)
    • Windows Credential Manager

    By integrating many different password managers, Remote Desktop Manager provides enhanced flexibility and security options for automatic login.

  • Web Browser Integration
    Web Browser Integration
    • Automatically fill web forms
    • Browser extension (Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox)
  • Import Passwords From Multiple Applications
    Import Passwords From Multiple Applications

    Already using a password management tool? No worries, you can easily import your credentials.

    We now support a wide variety of password tools including:

    • 1Password
    • AES Password Manager
    • Aurora Password Manager
    • DataVault
    • KeePass
    • LastPass
    • Passpack
    • Password Agent
    • Password Depot
    • Password Safe
    • RoboForm
    • SplashID
  • A Better Way to Organize your Sensitive Information
    A Better Way to Organize your Sensitive Information

    Secure, organize and store all of your sensitive data while granting access to specified people -- and keeping everyone else locked out!

    Enjoy built-in support for:

    • Credentials (username and password)
    • Credit card information
    • Bank information
    • Alarm codes for you and your staff
    • Software license keys / serials
    • Email account information
    • Any other texts and documents

    Plus, the add-on framework lets you extend Remote Desktop Manager to fit your unique needs.

  • Document Manager
    Document Manager

    You may wish to use Remote Desktop Manager’s data source as a centralized data repository to store and organize comprehensive information about your customers and/or their machines.

    If so, you can take advantage of the attachment functionality and add many different types of external files, such as:

    • Network diagrams
    • Agreements
    • NDAs
    • Support incident reports
    • FAQs
    • ... and more

    Files are linked per session and share the same security access.

  • Anytime and Anywhere Cloud File Browser
    Anytime and Anywhere Cloud File Browser

    Rapidly, transparently and securely add, edit or share your content “in the cloud” through the new built-in Cloud Explorer session type, which includes support for:

    • Amazon S3
    • DropBox
    • Microsoft Azure Storage
    • Microsoft Skydrive
  • Contact Management
    Contact Management
    • Organize your personal or corporate contacts
    • Link contacts to your existing entries
    • Import Vcf or Outlook contacts
  • Todo Management
    Todo Management
    • Manage your task list
    • Assign tasks to users
    • Set statuses on tasks
    • Filter and search the task list
  • Integrated Data Report Viewer
    Integrated Data Report Viewer

    Stop worrying about lost reports or waste time extracting information from your database. The improved Data Report View lets you retrieve and export data in a grid regardless of the target database.

  • Share Session Settings Between Multiple Users
    Share Session Settings Between Multiple Users

    The Enterprise Edition is ideal for when you need or want to share sessions with colleagues and other team members.

    By using the SQL Server, Devolutions Online Database or Devolutions Server data source, the application operates efficiently and securely in a multi-user environment. Plus, with the user-specific settings, each user can (if desired) apply his or her credentials to override the default configuration.

    There are also many other features, such as audit trail sessions and network management, that help make helpdesk operations more efficient, support internal IT teams to be more effective, and much more.

  • User Specific Settings
    User Specific Settings

    The "user specific setting" feature allows users to replace the default session settings with their own data when the session opens. Several parameters can be changed, including user name, password, and default application.

    This feature is available for the SQL Server, Devolutions Online Database and Devolutions Server only.

  • Advanced Data Source Support
    Advanced Data Source Support

    In addition to the XML and Microsoft Access data sources that are included in the Standard Edition, the Enterprise Edition offers enhanced alternative data sources, including:

    • Amazon S3 hosting
    • Dropbox
    • FTP
    • Devolutions Online Database (DODB)
    • Devolutions Server (DVLS)
    • SQL Server
    • Web

    Plus, the SQL Server, DODB and DVLS data sources include many advanced features, such as: user management, support for attachments, connection log table and offline mode. It's also well suited for multi-user environments that require a secure and reliable database.

  • Custom Installer Service
    Custom Installer Service

    The Custom Installer Service allows you to generate and download custom installations of Remote Desktop Manager with a choice of preconfigured settings like a data source or a registration key.

    You can also choose to download the installer as a Windows Installer (.msi) or as an executable (.exe).

  • Database Connection Log
    Database Connection Log

    The advanced data source keeps track of every action performed during a session, and routes this information directly into a centralized database. This includes a changing, deleting or opening / closing a session.

    Using the tools available, an administrator can monitor, verify and analyze the time spent by staff on a specific client, or on a particular machine. This is useful for generating timesheets for billing, management or audit purposes.

  • Real-Time Connection Overview
    Real-Time Connection Overview

    Know exactly who is connected in real-time for several types of sessions, including RDP, TeamViewer, embedded Putty and more. Also verify if a user has connected, and receive a warning just before connection. All connection information is clearly presented on the dashboard for easy at-a-glance viewing.

  • Offline Mode
    Offline Mode

    Remote Desktop Manager’s offline mode allows you to access a writable copy of the database, even when you're not connected to the office.

    Plus, a VPN connection is not required. The application automatically goes into offline mode when it detects a connection failure. This feature is invaluable for remote workers who access the database on the road, at home, or any other virtual location.

  • Security Management
    Security Management

    The advanced data source includes an easy interface to manage user security rights.

    By creating and using built-in user or domain users, you can direct Remote Desktop Manager to partially or completely restrict access to a specific session, or to a subset assigned to a security group.

    It's also possible to set-up database encryption with a specific pass-phrase, in order to provide an added layer of protection.

    By applying the (included) security policy regarding the password management, Remote Desktop Manager ensures that access to sensitive data is limited and secure.

  • Active Directory Integration
    Active Directory Integration
    • Devolutions Server only
    • Active Directory authentication
    • Integrated role management mapped to the Active Directory groups
  • Version Tracking
    Version Tracking

    Keep & track all changes

    • Compare two version of an entry
    • Delete old entries
    • Resurrect deleted entries
  • Local Machine Credential Management
    Local Machine Credential Management

    Enjoy the power and convenience of forcing key parameters (e.g. username, domain, password, and more) to override the default value in the data source, and instead defer to the settings on your local machine.

  • Online Backup Service
    Online Backup Service

    The Online Backup Service allows you to automatically save your sessions in a safe online storage space, and restore them in the event of problems.

    The Online Backup Service is the simple and most reliable way to avoid losing all of your invaluable data and settings due to a mistake or an equipment failure.

    Available for both the FREE and Enterprise editions, this backup solution works with any XML and Microsoft Access data source in Remote Desktop Manager.

  • Integrated Virtualization Consoles
    Integrated Virtualization Consoles

    Integrated Hyper-V, Terminal Server, Citrix XenServer and VMware dashboard deliver a quick overview of machine state, and enables management tasks including: start, shutdown, pause, and saving instance states.

    Also features RDP support and thumbnail preview for many of them.

  • Integrated Cloud Consoles
    Integrated Cloud Consoles
    • Amazon Ec2 Console
    • Microsoft Azure Console
    • Microsoft Azure Table Storage
  • Intel® AMT Support
    Intel® AMT Support

    Includes built-in support for Intel® AMT out-of-band management capabilities, which allows remote console asset access even when computers are powered off.

  • Macro/Script/Tool Support
    Macro/Script/Tool Support

    New integrated management tools empower you to run specific commands, actions or scripts to one or more workstations via Command Line, Power Shell (local and remote), PSExec (PSTools) and WMI. In addition, you can now configure a template to initiate a remote session by merging parameters from the template and the original configuration.

    Plus, for even more communication control, a dialog is now available to import any interesting script shared among your community, which can be installed by a manager in a single click.

  • PowerShell CmdLets Scripting
    PowerShell CmdLets Scripting

    Get support for Windows PowerShell Cmdlets, a powerful scripting shell that lets users quickly and efficiently automate sessions (create, modify and update session information).

    In addition, PowerShell support for both local and remote script execution is now supported via Session Script Tools.

  • Powerful and Flexible User Interface
    Powerful and Flexible User Interface
    • Docking and UI customization
    • New UI with ribbon interface
    • Tree list with columns support (host, description, username)
    • Tab page coloring settings
  • Group and Organize your Entry List
    Group and Organize your Entry List

    To make management simpler, Remote Desktop Manager lets you organize sessions in groups (folders). You can then easily view all sessions within selected groups and subgroups, and find a specific group(s) using the search filter.

    Plus, you can easily move your groups and sessions via drag and drop. You can also open several sessions at the same time by selecting a group.

  • Quick Access via Tray Icon Context Menu
    Quick Access via Tray Icon Context Menu

    Conveniently use the tray icon context menu to:

    • Access and manage your connections
    • View open sessions
    • Change the active data source
    • Use the Quick connect feature
    • Access local tools such as: the command prompt, registry editor, performance monitor, remote shutdown
    • and more!
  • Template Creation and Usages
    Template Creation and Usages

    Remote Desktop Manager provides a local and shared template engine. A template contains a subset of information that can be reused in the application to simplify management.

    Templates can be used to:

    • Add a Quick Connect connection type in the list
    • Add new session in the data source with preset settings
    • Import multiple sessions (from the wizard or a list) with default session type values
  • Reorganize your Database with Ease
    Reorganize your Database with Ease

    Over time, data source content can increase to the point where multiple session changes are required. That’s where Remote Desktop Manager’s batch edit feature is so useful!

    Through batch editing, global changes can be made in few seconds. The application simply prompts you to change multiple settings simultaneously, if you wish. This approach is much faster than changing sessions one-at-a-time. It also improves quality and accuracy across multiple sessions.