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Remote Connections

Remote Connection Types UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP, RemoteFX) Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Windows Azure (RDP) Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Hyper-V (RDP) Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Remote Assistance Small_Check Small_Check
Apple Remote Desktop Small_Check Small_Check
VNC (RealVNC / TightVNC / UltraVNC / built-in) Small_Check Small_Check
Citrix (ICA / HDX / Web) Small_Check Small_Check
Web (HTTP / HTTPS) Small_Check Small_Check
LogMeIn (Free / Pro) Small_Check Small_Check
TeamViewer Small_Check Small_Check
HP Remote Graphics Receiver (RGS) Small_Check Small_Check
Dameware Mini Remote Control Small_Check Small_Check
Radmin Small_Check Small_Check
pc Anywhere Small_Check Small_Check
FTP, FTPS and SFTP (Windows Explorer / Filezilla / WinSCP / built-in) Small_Check Small_Check
Telnet, SSH, RAW and rLogin (Putty / Kitty / built-in) Small_Check Small_Check
X Window (Xming) Small_Check Small_Check
More than 60 add-ons (ScreenConnect / Ammyy / 2X Client / SecureCRT / ...) Small_Check Small_Check
Built-in Applications UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Apple Remote Desktop Small_Check Small_Check
FTP / SFTP / FTPS Small_Check Small_Check
Iterm Small_Check Small_Check
SSH Tunnel Small_Check Small_Check
SSH Shell Small_Check Small_Check
Telnet client Small_Check Small_Check
UltraVNC / Devolutions VNC Small_Check Small_Check
Web (HTTP / HTTPS) Small_Check Small_Check
VPN Connection Management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Integrated Microsoft / Cisco / SonicWall and IPSec VPN Small_Check Small_Check
Link and reuse existing VPN configurations Small_Check
Automatic VPN connection and disconnection Small_Check Small_Check
VPN add-ons (Nortel / Avaya / IPSec / OpenVPN / Cisco AnyConnect / WatchGuard / ...) Small_Check Small_Check
VPN route management Small_Check
Quick Connect UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Ad hoc connection Small_Check Small_Check
Custom credentials Small_Check Small_Check
Default and personalized templates Small_Check
Macro support UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Automated typing macro on connect or disconnect Small_Check
Custom variables (host, username, domain, password...) Small_Check Small_Check
Windows environment variables Small_Check Small_Check
Import from multiple sources UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Csv file Small_Check
Directly from the Active Directory Small_Check
Remote desktop file (.rdp) Small_Check Small_Check
Import from other applications UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Dameware Mini Remote Control Small_Check Small_Check
Filezilla Small_Check Small_Check
KeePass Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) Small_Check Small_Check
mRemote / mRemoteNG Small_Check Small_Check
Royal TS (v1.x and v2.x) Small_Check Small_Check
Terminals Small_Check Small_Check
ASG Remote Desktop Small_Check Small_Check
WinSCP Small_Check Small_Check
Export information and data entries UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Csv Small_Check Small_Check
Html and secure html (with all the sensitive data encrypted) Small_Check Small_Check
Xml Small_Check Small_Check

Password Management

Password manager UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Centralize your passwords Small_Check Small_Check
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) Small_Check Small_Check
Local decryption only Small_Check Small_Check
Integrate with many existing password managers UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
1Password Small_Check
AuthAnvil (Scorpion Software) Small_Check
Firefox Password Manager Small_Check
Google Chrome Password Manager Small_Check
PasswordBox (Intel) Small_Check
KeePass Small_Check
LastPass Small_Check
Password Safe Small_Check
Passwordstate (Click Studios) Small_Check
Password Vault Manager Small_Check
Pleasant Password Server Small_Check
Secret Server (Thycotic) Small_Check
Windows Credential Manager Small_Check
Password management tools UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Strong password generator Small_Check Small_Check
Password analyser with weak password notification Small_Check
Password history Small_Check
Self signed certificate generator Small_Check
Web browser integration UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Automatically fill web forms Small_Check Small_Check
Internet Explorer browser extension Small_Check Small_Check
Firefox browser extension Small_Check Small_Check
Google Chrome browser extension Small_Check Small_Check
Import passwords from other applications UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
1Password Small_Check
Aurora Password Manager / AES Password Manager Small_Check
DataVault Small_Check
KeePass Small_Check
LastPass Small_Check
Passpack Small_Check
Password Agent Small_Check
Password Depot Small_Check
Password Safe Small_Check
RoboForm Small_Check
SplashID Small_Check

Documents & Information

Organize sensitive information (data entries) UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Account and credentials (username / domain / password) Small_Check
Alarm codes Small_Check
Bank information Small_Check
Credit card information Small_Check
Custom fields Small_Check
Email accounts Small_Check
Notes (secure) Small_Check
Passport Small_Check
Safety deposit Small_Check
Software license keys or serial numbers Small_Check
Web form login Small_Check
Document manager UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Native support for PDF, Word, Excel, Visio and image documents Small_Check
Link local or network files Small_Check
Store file into the database Small_Check
Join attachments to existing entries Small_Check
Built-in image viewer Small_Check
Built-in pdf viewer Small_Check
Cloud file browser UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Supports Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft Azure Storage and Microsoft OneDrive Small_Check
Browse and edit the content without installing any client Small_Check
Upload and download documents Small_Check
Contact management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Organize your personal or corporate contacts Small_Check
Link contacts to your existing entries Small_Check
Import Vcf or Outlook contacts Small_Check
Todo management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Manage your task list Small_Check
Assign tasks to users Small_Check
Set statuses on tasks Small_Check
Filter and search the task list Small_Check
Data report viewer UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Custom database query (SQL) Small_Check
Ad hoc reports in grid format Small_Check
Connection string repository Small_Check
Supports ODBC / SQL Server / Oracle and many more database connections Small_Check
Export results to Xml / Csv / Html Small_Check

Team Solution

Centralize all your connections UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Share your connection information between multiple users Small_Check
Override with user specific settings like credentials or the display mode Small_Check
Assign different access levels Small_Check
Multiuser data sources UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 Small_Check
mySQL Small_Check
Devolutions Online Database (subscription required) Small_Check
Devolutions Server (subscription required) Small_Check
Database logs UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Usage and edition audit trace Small_Check
Password access audit trace Small_Check
Real-time view of user connections Small_Check
Optional connection warning for already connected users Small_Check
Insert custom log with ad hoc comment Small_Check
Simplified deployment and configuration UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Custom installer service (with subscription) Small_Check
Apply common application policies using the data source settings Small_Check
Centralized client license deployment and version update Small_Check
Offline mode UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Read-only mode Small_Check
Writable mode with smart synchronization feature Small_Check
Encrypted local data with limited life time Small_Check
Status management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Set entry expiration and be notified Small_Check
Lock sessions for exclusive usage Small_Check
Disable sessions to block access Small_Check
Add special instructions or warnings on sessions Small_Check
Reports UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Security report Small_Check
Credential repository usage report Small_Check
Status report Small_Check
Many more connection related reports Small_Check


Protect your sensitive credentials UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Hide the password from users Small_Check
Automatically connect without revealing credentials Small_Check Small_Check
Backup your data with the optional Devolutions Online Backup Service Small_Check Small_Check
Automatically clear the sensitive content from the clipboard Small_Check Small_Check
Encrypt the database content UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
All passwords are encrypted by default Small_Check Small_Check
US federal government-approved encryption (AES) Small_Check Small_Check
Database double encryption with personalized passphrase Small_Check
Database double encryption with personalized certificate Small_Check
Security management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Supported by SQL Server / mySQL / Devolutions Cloud / Devolutions Server Small_Check
Security group Small_Check
Per entry user permissions (view / add / edit / delete) Small_Check
User management UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Built-in database user support Small_Check
Per user setting/credential custom values Small_Check
Per machine setting/credential custom values Small_Check
Active Directory integration UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Devolutions Server only Small_Check
Active Directory authentication Small_Check
Integrated role management mapped to the Active Directory groups Small_Check
Version tracking UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Keep track of all modifications Small_Check
View the change history Small_Check
Rollback any unwanted change even deletion Small_Check
Protect the application access UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Restrict access to the data source configuration with a password Small_Check
Use a 2-factor authentication (Yubikey / Google Authenticator) to launch the application Small_Check
Automatic lock on minimize or when idle for a period Small_Check Small_Check

Management Tools

Integrated virtualization consoles UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Citrix XenServer manager Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Hyper-V manager Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Terminal Services manager Small_Check Small_Check
VMware manager Small_Check Small_Check
Integrated cloud consoles UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Azure Console Small_Check Small_Check
Microsoft Azure Table Storage Small_Check Small_Check
Integrated tools UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Intel® AMT support Small_Check Small_Check
Ping Small_Check Small_Check
Inventory report generator Small_Check
Remote shutdown / restart Small_Check
SMNP report Small_Check
Wake On Lan Small_Check
Session tools UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Administrative tools (Services, Computer Management, IIS, Event Viewer...) Small_Check Small_Check
RunAs context for tools Small_Check Small_Check
Network management (Ping, tracert, whois and many more from our add-ons) Small_Check Small_Check
Terminal Services tools (logoff, shutdown, session information, process information...) Small_Check Small_Check
Macro / script / tool support UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Automation tools like Auto Hotkey / AutoIt / Jitbit Macro Recorder Small_Check
Any command line tool Small_Check
Database queries Small_Check
Keyboard macros Small_Check
PowerShell (local and remote) and WASP PowerShell Small_Check
PSExec Small_Check
VBScript Small_Check
WMI Small_Check
PowerShell CmdLets scripting UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Add / edit / delete entries with PowerShell Small_Check
Open any connection from a script Small_Check
Import entries with PowerShell Small_Check

User Interface & Organization

Powerful and flexible user interface UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Modern ribbon interface Small_Check Small_Check
Customizable layout with docking and floating panel support Small_Check Small_Check
Tabbed environment for a centralized view Small_Check Small_Check
Customizable quick access toolbar Small_Check Small_Check
Simplified access with the tray icon menu Small_Check Small_Check
Multi-monitor support Small_Check
Navigate your content with multiple views UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Browse your entries with the flexible tree list view Small_Check Small_Check
Use one of the multiple modes of the list view (tile / details) Small_Check Small_Check
Find the most recently used items Small_Check Small_Check
Flag your favourite entries for quick access Small_Check Small_Check
Get access to the local or global opened connection list Small_Check
Take advantage of the advanced dashboard Small_Check Small_Check
Group and organize your entry list UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Create folder, company, site or domain tree nodes Small_Check Small_Check
Create play lists to run multiple sessions at once Small_Check
Use sub-connections to link related entries Small_Check
Multilingual user interface UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
English Small_Check Small_Check
Chinese Small_Check Small_Check
Dutch Small_Check Small_Check
French Small_Check Small_Check
Deutsch Small_Check Small_Check
Italian Small_Check Small_Check
Russian Small_Check Small_Check
Description and general information UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Use a plain text description or a RTF note Small_Check Small_Check
Apply keywords or tags on your search/filter Small_Check Small_Check
Add any personalized value in the custom fields Small_Check
Filter the entry list by name, description, host and much more Small_Check Small_Check
Copy to clipboard functionality UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Allow copy credentials based on security rights Small_Check
Copy various fields like url / domain / username / connection string Small_Check Small_Check
Copy the selected host or host list Small_Check Small_Check
Migrate data from one data source to another using the clipboard Small_Check
Reorganize your database with ease UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Edit multiple entries with a batch edit mode Small_Check
Use the refactoring commands to extract the credentials or the VPN settings Small_Check
Apply custom templates to transform any entry Small_Check
Default settings UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Configure your default settings for each entry type Small_Check
Use the template manager to standardize your entries Small_Check
Share your templates across your organization Small_Check
Define your personal credentials (My Personal Credentials) Small_Check
Save your data in one of the file based data sources UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Small_Check
Dropbox Small_Check
FTP / SFTP / FTPS Small_Check
Web (read only) Small_Check
Xml (encrypted) Small_Check Small_Check

Other Features

Extend the application with the SDK UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Easy add-on installation and updates with the add-on manager Small_Check Small_Check
Develop or customize your own extension Small_Check Small_Check
Translate the application with the localization manager Small_Check Small_Check
Installation and parameterized execution UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Deploy from an installer, msi or zip file Small_Check Small_Check
Portable operation mode (USB) Small_Check Small_Check
Command line parameters for custom execution Small_Check
Session specific desktop shortcuts for quick access Small_Check
Protocol handler support for custom execution Small_Check
Operating system compatibility UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Small_Check Small_Check
Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 Small_Check Small_Check
Available on both platform (32 bit / 64 bit) Small_Check Small_Check
Support UserFree EnterpriseEnterprise
Forum support Small_Check Small_Check
Online help with knowledge base and FAQ Small_Check Small_Check
Email support Small_Check
Phone support with premium subscription plan only Small_Check