What's New

New Features and Enhancements

  • SQL Azure MFA support
  • New documentation search through pages linked to an entry
  • Azure AD (Office 365) authentication support (Devolutions Password Server required)
  • Improvements for MySQL support now including repository, documentation and favorites
  • New Repository manager role
  • Google Drive now available as a data source
  • New Execute user permission which allows specific users to open an entry
  • New 1Password OPVault & 1Password Web support
  • Integration for Password Safe by Mateso
  • New Devolutions Password Server credential type
  • Live edit for FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, Google Drive, S3 storage and Azure Storage now available
  • Pwned password check integration
New Features and Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Integration for Devolutions Wayk Now
  • Dropdown Menu for Quick and Easy Repository Switch
  • Favorite and Recent Tabs Now Display Sessions from Multiple Repositories
  • New Thumbnail Overview Dashboard for Current Opened Sessions
  • Support for 1Password Web Mode
  • Support for Box Cloud Explorer
  • New CyberArk Vault Integration
  • New RoboForm Credential Entry
  • Many Performance Enhancements
  • More than 125 improvements and fixes
New Features and Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements

  • Documentation (mark down)
  • Html (markdown) everywhere (secure note, description, html document)
  • Multi-monitor tabbed view support
  • Check-in/check-out management
  • Time based access usage
  • Favorite folders
  • Tag manager (batch edit and advanced search)
  • External application with Sendkey to log-in
  • CyberArk integration
  • TFTP
  • True Key integration (credential entry)
  • Google Drive file explorer
  • Tree view status (lock, checkout, running)
  • Improved the password template/password complexity/password generator
New Features and Enhancements

New Entry Types

  • Root Settings
  • Proxy Tunnel (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5)
  • WebDAV File Browser
  • Wayk Now
  • Zoho Vault Integration
New Entry Types

UI improvements

  • Split View
  • Mobile Like Navigation View
UI improvements


  • Role Based Security (entry and data source permissions)
  • SQL Server DB Login

Data Source

  • Multi-Repositories
  • Packed Data Source to Optimize Database
Data Source


  • PowerShell Module

New Tools Integrated

  • New Browser Extensions for Opera, Edge and Safari
  • Devolutions Proxy Integration
New Tools Integrated


  • Many Improvements and Fixes

New Features and Enhancements

  • High DPI support in the application
  • Integrated Dashlane credential entry
  • Beyondtrust connection type support
  • Is Online
    • Background service console
    • Auto refresh interval
    • Improved the check is online dialog
  • Synchronizers
    • Background service console
    • Auto refresh interval
  • DVLS
    • Improved the DVLS console to install or configure the SSL certificate
    • Added a diagnostic dialog before the DVLS new installation
  • Fixed integrations
    • PassPortal
    • OneDrive
  • New PowerShell Remote Console connection type
  • New option to lock the application on Windows Standby and Windows Lock
New Features and Enhancements

More Improvements

  • Custom html id in web browser embedded
  • Improved the ARD and VNC integration (keyboard and performance)
  • Improved the Wake On Lan
  • Improved the favorite view
  • Improved the refresh performance
  • RoyalTS 3 file format import support
  • More than 100 improvements and fixes
More Improvements

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Remote management types including iDrac & ILo (v2 and v4)
  • New option to execute a remote program after an RDP login
  • New option to delete an entry with the synchronizer
  • New option to export a report from the command line
New Features and Enhancements

More Improvements

  • Improved ARD integration (DirectX)
  • Improved VNC integration (native integration and DirectX)
  • Improved load from Inventory functionality
  • Improved DVLS console
  • Improved RunAs with RunAsNetOnly support in cmd sessions & cmd tools
  • Improved cache performance with some specific refresh scenarios
  • Improved macros (support for Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Win key)
More Improvements

Improved connections

  • Apple Remote Desktop MVS codec native (huge performance improvement)
  • Improved the Azure console with the Virtual Machine support
  • Improved the Hyper-V console
  • General improvements
    • Macro script tool execution in connection events
    • PowerShell support in the connection events
    • Import information from inventory
    • Automatically close a session after X minutes
Improved connections

New connections

  • Team Viewer management console
  • SSH port forward type
  • SSH / Telnet native type
  • Serial connection type
  • Splunk connection
  • Built-in editable spreadsheet and rich text document
  • Data source shortcut connection type
New connections

New tools integrated

  • Integrated RDPSoft Remote Desktop Commander
  • Integrated ControlUp
New tools integrated


  • Improved Secret Server with two factor support (radius)
  • New password policy (complexity) in the entry with the validation
  • New 2-factor validation directly in the data source configuration (Duo, AnthAnvil, Google Authenticator and Yubikey)
  • Integrated PassPortal as an external credential manager
  • New policy
    • Disable about box policy
    • Disable import/export options policy
  • New Data source setting
    • Password policy
    • Setting to exclude some client on different platform like Windows, Mac or Android


  • Remote Task management
  • Execute a macro script tool on the folder content

Offline mode

  • Private vault support
  • User specific setting support
Offline mode


  • New variable $CURRENT_CLIPBOARD$ to use in a macro the current clipboard content
  • $DATA_SOURCE_NAME$ variable
  • Custom data source variable support


  • Prompt if unable to ping/scan mode for the VPN
  • Delay command in the VPN after connect
  • Hide tab page for opened VPN or tunnel


  • Entry validity report
  • Password usage report
  • Expiration schedule report


  • Open-RDMQuickConnect for ad-hoc open connection


  • Spiceworks import entries
  • Import username/password from Google Chrome


  • Image set for the custom icon
  • Video recording for debug or session capture
  • Improved the backup with an automated file export for the local data sources (Xml, SQLite and Online Drive)
  • New expiration date export to iCal format
  • New protocol handler action to open a connection from a list of host (rdm://find?host={HostName})
  • New clean up tools (deleted history and entry history)
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes

New Features and Enhancements

  • New type integrations
    • Apple Remote Desktop support
    • Intel PasswordBox
  • Devolutions Online Drive data source
  • Improved the Devolutions Online Backup
  • Improved the Devolutions Server configuration and deployment
  • More than 50 fixes and minor improvements
New Features and Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements

  • New type integrations
    • Scorpion AuthAnvil credentials
    • Spiceworks
    • DeskRoll
  • Remote Management
    • Applications
    • Events
    • Printers
    • Processes
    • Services
  • Intel AMT improvements
    • Embedded web console
    • TLS support
    • Digest authentication
  • UI improvements
    • Search setting in the option dialog
    • Enhanced session dashboard
    • Export to Excel in every grids
    • Updated the group icons
  • Batch actions to migrate or update the selected entries
    • PowerShell addhoc connection list update
    • Putty session
    • Web connection html field
  • New duplicate report
  • New importer
    • RDCMan 2.7
    • RDTabs
  • ScreenConnect 5 support
  • Software group type
  • Updated all the web browser extensions
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
  • Performance improvement and memory usage optimization
  • Many fixes and minor improvements
New Features and Enhancements

Credentials management (improvements)

  • Improved KeePass integration to allow the lookup by name
  • Dynamic credentials support in user specific settings
  • User specific settings for the private key
  • VPN and Tools user specific settings support
  • Web entry to support all the credential types including the private vault
  • Private vault support for Tools
  • Private vault support for VPN
  • Pleasant Server My Account Settings
  • Secret Server My Account Settings
  • My Personal Private Key
  • Managed Engine Password Manager Pro integration
Credentials management (improvements)

UI improvements

  • Complete UI redesign
  • Option to highlight the active tab page
  • Macro/script/tool visibility property
  • Hide/exclude some types in options or in the data source settings
  • Sort entries dialog
  • Window picker to select the command line path parameters
  • Possibility to override the terminal color in options
  • User specific setting manager
UI improvements


  • Log cleanup tool
  • Log report columns customization
  • Export log report to Excel


  • New dashboard tile layout
  • Group dashboard column customization
  • Security column in the group dashboard
  • Map contact button in the dashboard
  • Contact referenced by is now visible from the dashboard
  • Disconnect All / Logoff All action for group

Data Source

  • Prompt for data source at start up option
  • New Don't show again option for the data source system message
  • New data source policy to disable the quick connect
  • New Select data source menu
Data Source

Macro Script Tools

  • Embedded PowerShell script
  • New tool variables: $TOOL_USERNAME$, $TOOL_DOMAIN$ and $TOOL_PASSWORD$ variables
  • Batch execute script for built-in SSH and Telnet
Macro Script Tools

Play List

  • Shared play list stored in the database
  • Play list are now available in the tray icon
  • Support for documents, contact and data entries
Play List

Security (improvements)

  • Audit trace for macro and script execution
  • Added a warning message when deleting a session with attachments, sub connections or to-dos
  • Password modification date in the password analyser report
  • Forbidden custom password list editor
  • New occurrence column in the password analyser
  • Support encryption with certificate located in other stores and locations
Security (improvements)


  • Import from network scan
  • Improved the RoboForm compatibility
  • Sync framework with the Active Directory
  • Sync framework from a CSV file

Remote Desktop Manager Jump integration (new)

  • Jump box
  • Remote scripting
  • Remote logoff
Remote Desktop Manager Jump integration (new)

Search and reports (improvements)

  • Advanced search (new)
  • Connection type name in the filter criteria
  • Connection logs report
  • Expiration reports including software licenses
  • Improved status report
  • Customizable report style (css)
  • Improved local log system
  • Support contact reference in the filter and advanced search
  • Possibility to use the note as filter criteria
Search and reports (improvements)

Entry types

  • Wallet data entry type (new)
  • Embedded Chrome support
  • Create a guest connection from the VMWare console
  • Embedded Putty session directly in the data source
  • Embedded ICA file compressed
  • Active Directory console session type
  • Terminal Services console
Entry types

Tools (new)

  • Putty manager tool to import and export your local sessions
  • Extension manager to install KeePass and the web browser extensions
  • Random port generator tool
  • Hosts file editor in application tools
  • Terminal playback (ANSI) tool
  • Password generator template editor
  • Native Chocolatey integration
Tools (new)

VPN and gateway (improvements)

  • Gateway type and reusable gateway configuration
  • Inherited VPN from groups
  • VPN automatic detection with the network adaptor
  • Automatic VPN disconnection after a delay
  • Credential group support for VPN
  • Automatic switch to offline mode
VPN and gateway (improvements)


  • New deleted status for the todos
  • Two new events: after connect and before disconnect
  • Putty-style double clicks & drag and triple click & drag in embedded SSH / Telnet
  • New user specific setting like "Keep Tab Opened on disconnect" and RDP drives
  • .NET Framework 4.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • New data entry types
    • Driver licence
    • Membership card
    • Social security number
  • Improved the LastPass integration
    • LastPass Enterprise support
    • Shared folder support
  • Enhanced the filter box
    • Setting to exclude the shortcut duplicates in the search
    • Filter by types
    • Simplified the menus
New Features and Enhancements

More Improvements

  • Improved the credentials management
    • Dynamic credentials with the groups
    • Dynamic credentials with the VPN
    • My Personal Credentials support for the VPN
  • Improved the password generator
    • Readable password generator
    • Pronounceable password generator
  • Other improvements
    • Batch assign role to users
    • Improved the private vault
    • Web protocol handler support (rdm://)
    • Hyper-V v2 support
    • Many UI improvements and bug fixes
More Improvements

New Features and Enhancements

  • Private vault support in offline mode
  • Search filter menu in the tray icon
  • Hyper-V enhanced session mode support for embedded connection
  • Management support for Hyper-V in Windows 2012R2
  • Windows Azure support with embedded RDP
  • Skip this version option in the check for update
  • Improved the user specific settings including RDP Gateway support, keyboard redirection and web browser selection
  • Removed the Standard edition limitations with the shared password in RDP
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
New Features and Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements

  • Entry default values
  • My Personal Credentials
  • Private connection list per user
  • Re-open last data source on startup
  • Play list to organize or open a group
  • Offline mode with read/write support
  • Todo management
  • Intelligent cache to optimize the loading of a large data source
  • Document management
  • Contact management
  • Native integration of 1Password, LastPass and Passwordstate
  • SQL Server basic role management
  • New reports
  • Run as different user support
  • Dynamic credential vault link
  • And more
New Features and Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements (version 8.3 and 8.4)

  • Support for new data source types (SFTP, FTPS, MariaDB)
  • Improved user interface (Google map and cell phone field in contact, simplified application password management)
  • Italian translation
  • Dutch translation
  • Secret Server Windows authentication support
  • Improved import connection framework (support for Royal TSX and Terminals 3.0 file types)
New Features and Enhancements (version 8.3 and 8.4)

New Features and Enhancements (version 8.2)

  • Google Authenticator support
  • Multi-query support for the data report
  • SQLite online backup support
  • Multi remote shutdown
  • Thinstuff TSX Connection Client support
  • More bug fixes and tweaks...
New Features and Enhancements (version 8.2)

Improvements Everywhere

More than one hundred enhancements and bug fixes including
  • Keyboard shortcut customization
  • Citrix Web session support
  • SQLite data source type
  • VisionApp vrb file format import
Improvements Everywhere

Complete UI Redesign

  • Docking and UI customization
  • New UI with ribbon interface
  • Tree list with columns support (host, description, username)
  • Tab page coloring settings
Complete UI Redesign

New Management Consoles

  • Amazon Ec2 Console
  • XenServer Console
New Management Consoles

New Macro/Script Tools Integrated

  • AutoHotkey
  • AutoIT
  • Jitbit Macro Recorder
  • VBScript
  • DB script
New Macro/Script Tools Integrated

Full MySQL Database Support

The new, full-fledged, MySQL data source now includes all the features supported by the MS SQL Server data.

  • User & security management
  • Support for offline mode, system messages & password policies
  • Session usage logs
  • Attachment support
  • Change tracking support: compare, clear, resurrect
Full MySQL Database Support

Version Tracking

Keep & track all changes

  • Compare two version of an entry
  • Delete old entries
  • Resurrect deleted entries
Version Tracking

More Improvements

  • Credential Management
    • Parent inherited credentials
    • Group inherited the credentials
    • KeePass support in Terminal Services
    • Connection string credential type
  • SFTP (built-in)
  • SSH and Telnet session recording
  • Entry refactoring
More Improvements